{Mattfig}. FREE Profiles for review on this thread

  • Hey, so I've been playing with these profiles through multiple guitars since i got home and... wow ! So far i've tried them through an Ibanez Jem with Gravity Storm pickups, an Ibanez S with paf pro/fred's and another Ibanez with Tone zone & Air norton pickups. Both the BE100 and EVH packs have some really awesome 80's hair metal tones in there. 80's heaven lol.

    Some of the lower gain stuff in the BE100 pack is really good too, love the plexi style profiles when i'm splitting the humbuckers.

    The only real downside i could find is maybe there is a little too much high end with some of the high gain stuff but that can be eq'd out (and alot of that is due to when i turn on the overdive).

    Tomorrow i'll play through a couple more guitars and see how they handle some lower tuning stuff too.

    Thanks for the profiles Matt :)

  • Mattfig was kind enough to give me his Vishnu pack. It includes 54 + 9 DI profiles of the Salvation Mods Vishnu Module.

    Cabs are Bogner straight 4x12 and a Vox 2x12 and the whole thing reflects Marshall (800) and Randall (MTS) amplifiers. So it is supposed to sound like 80', early 90' oldschool Metal - Rock. I played a trusty old Yamaha RGX 621 DM with HSH alnico pickups here. Theres a lot of gain and rarely a bit to much mids and punch for my taste. It helps to reduce the gain / set an eq / change the cab to your favourite and you have a well sorted fundamental library for this style of music.

  • I finally managed to browse through the BE100 and BE100 2.0 profiles. I definitely like the 2.0 much more and the multiple cabs is a great addition. I am a modern high gain aficionado and wanted to give a try to the classic tones and I found myself spending a lot of time in almost every single profile of the BE100 2.0 with a guitar with split coils. Super recommended.

    I also like the fact that for each profile settings group, Matt includes the DI profiles so it becomes very easy to combine with other cabs.

    Thanks again Matt.

  • Ok this is a short review as I feel I should write something quickly but I intend on doing a fuller one.

    I was sent the BE100 and direct profiles of the SLX900. Now I have plenty of packs from all the major ‘renowned’ vendors so I feel in a good position to comment.

    All the profiles sounded great and cover a good range of gain, from clean to balls out rock.

    Through my 2Rock 2x12 cab, these sounded great with plenty of mids but also definition. I didn’t tweak the profiles at all using my Suhr T Style guitar and got a great sound.

    Only thing I’d be tempted to do is add a couple of profiles with a range of effects already dialed in. Don’t get me wrong, there are some already but maybe a better range and some that use the newer delays and reverbs could be good. I locked a couple of effects from another vendor and was then more than happy with the sounds.

    These are not necessary though as the most important things are the great amp tones available but could help create a better first impression for new buyers.

    Great profiles. Definitely recommend

  • First of all I wanna thank Matt for sending me the BE100 & BE100.2 packs. I’ve been playing the profiles through headphones and my HS8 studio monitors on my Ibanez AZ & Luke II.

    Between all profiles I’ve found a lot of useful tones for my kind of music. In the BE100 pack I like the BE100 Clean a lot. After making a few changes to the EQ and adding the right portion of chorus this even became one of my favourite clean tones. I also like the BE100 MG Fat for crunchy tones.

    In the second pack also a lot of good profiles like the BE100 LG1 Studio 2 Clean for example. Very nice ! After putting a favourite cabinet to the BE100 MG4 DI this became a real winner for me.

    In general, I can say that both packs are very recommendable. Whatever style of music you play, you're sure to find something to your liking. Good job Matt.

  • Matt generously sent me his Camerock 2.0 pack. I'm a huge fan of modified Marshall type tones and Cameron amps. There's some great fat rock tones in here along with some nice cleans and lower gain tones too. The pack includes six speaker types and DI profiles too.

    I found myself prefering the Classic Lead 80 and Vintage 30 tones although that's no surprise as they're my go to speakers for traditional cabs too. The Lynchback based profiles also sat great in a live mix at rehearsal last night too.

    I'd previously purchased the Mattfig Vishnu pack so I had an idea of what to expect. Overall my experience has been positive with both packs, with a preference for the Camerock out of the two.