More compressor choices?

  • Yes, i like the paramater with the Kemper compressor and this help to tweek. But the external pedal like the Ego, Keely, etc. have this vibe that i cannot reproduce with the Kemper compressor stomp or amp block.

    My best success so far has been a combination of a compressor in the A slot, a compressor in the X slot and some compression in the amp block.

    Having said that, I still haven't managed to get that little extra something I get when I use a good external analog compressor.

    Next, I'll probably get an Origin Effects Cali76


    Mats N

  • Next, I'll probably get an Origin Effects Cali76

    Good choice. I have one on my old board. I keep thinking I should bring it out of retirement and use it with the KPA but I just can’t be bothered with extra cables and power supplies. I would really love to see the Kemper compressor updated to provide more uniques character rathen than pure transparency.