New KPA fuleled video up - Atonement


    As I'll be doing a few demos with my friend Ola Englund in Guitar Candy (Belgium) on the 14th and 15th, it was time to give some of my old backing tracks a much needed overhaul. Since the first video of Atonement was lacking in a few departments, I just thought it was worth recording the rest of it and giving my black limba fanned fret 8 some well deserved camera time in the process.

    All tracks are done with the Kemper Profiling Amp AKA the Cosmic Lunchbox, using a SND Redemptionist distortion for the melody lines. Patches used for the rhythm tracks are a modified version of Ola's Triple 6 profile into a profile of my own Zilla 2x12", and another of the AMT Electronics D2 into the same cab profile. Melodies are done with the Redemptionist driving a Vox AC30 profile and the lead line was done with a profile of my own Silverblade Hellhound 20 into the Zilla again.

    Hope you guys enjoy the video and happy Easter! :)

  • Sounds cool! Nice guitars. Only thing that bothers me is those anemic drums (sounds like Toontrack?). Turn em up and the whole mix will have more punch and power..

  • Yeap - guitarist mix all the way, to showcase the guitar. Haha! :D The actual BT (and the actual track, in fact) has the guitars lower, thus not taking so much away from the drums, evidently. :)