extra effect in fx slot

  • Hey guys

    is there a way to put an extra effect on a profile, that you don't put in the effects-slot?
    for instance;
    Some of my profiles use an extra eq. I put it at the X-slot of the effects., but sometimes I use the X-slot for a booster. I'd like to have some of my profiles load already with the eq, so that the X-slot is free for the booster.
    I don't want to put it in the stomp-section, so is there a way to put it behind the stack and not use up a slot?

    Thanks for your help!

  • The only possible way I can think of pulling that off is to profile the amp with the EQ included. There is speculation that Kemper will make the Stack section more configurable, but if that happens and whatever it means I don't know. Others certainly may.

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  • Thanks for your help guys! As for now, I don't want to use morphing for this, I'm already morphing with gain, and want to have a separate boost for a couple of presets..

    haha yes! ;)

    if you do not want to use morph you can either use a volume pedal that is configured as a boost pedal or simply copy the rig and raise the rig volume in the copy.