Delay and Reverb settings help

  • Hi all,

    I'm the only guitarist in my rock covers band, and I always have a hard time dialling in decent settings for delay and reverb - both when playing rhythm and when going into lead. I'm trying to help fill the sound a bit, but not make it over-powering.

    Currently, I have the Delay and Reverb setting in the RIG menu at about +40%, and use the Easy Reverb (at pretty much default settings), at about 14% mix when doing rhythm. This then increases to about 20% when going into solo mode.

    Delay wise, I'm using dual delay set to 1/8 dot and 1/4, feedback at about 20% and mix at around 15% when playing rhythm - this changes to around 40% feedback and 40% mix when playing lead.

    However, things still sound a bit sterile - so I'd really appreciate any advice, or settings you guys use :)

    This is going direct into 2 x RedSound cabs used in stereo as a backline.


  • Hi FarleyUK, what hi and low cut settings are you using? In my experience those settings are going to be key in determining how "over-powering" your delays are...almost more than the mix in certain contexts. Also I forget the exact options available, but you may want to add some modulation, flutter, and even a touch of grit or reverse to add some mojo/character.

    One last piece of advice would be to grab up some free packs from Brian Carl, Tone Junkie, and Selah Sounds and then use their delay settings as a starting point. While some of the P&W-ish settings may be over the top for what you're doing, they're all experts at setting up great sounds that you can easily modify for your needs. Their settings were really helpful in getting me up and running with using the Kemper's delays.

  • I”m far from a delay and reverb expert but my experience has always been to reduce reverb when going to Solo mode to stop it washing out and provide more clarity and cut.

    As for delay, reducing the brightness of the delays should help them from being over powering but for solos I tend to go for pretty low feedback just 1 or 2 repeats pushing upt to maybe 4 at absolute max. How many repeats are you getting with 40% feedback?