[Tone Junkie] 50% off the New Dirty Surly Pack

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    The Dirty Surly Kemper Profile Pack seeks to capture the sound of the harmonically rich, British inspired, rock tone machine. It’s rare that we run into a circuit that is as good gained up as it is clean but what makes these profiles unique is that clean, edge of break up, overdrive, gained up or full on lead territory, these profiles all sound impeccable. The cleans and pushed cleans are perfect for those Hendrix Strat tones, Classic Plexi tones that will remind you on AC/DC or Zep, and all the way up to KISS. At the highest gain ranges these profiles push into modern rock territory.

    These are some of the best Rock tones we have put out. The 40 watt power section results in the perfect blend of headroom and sag which makes these profiles feel like an amp on 10. These are very harmonically rich and touch sensitive! We have taken extra care to profiles a healthy tight bass with plenty of midrange girth to give you plenty of full sounding mid pushed rock tones without a shrill high end.

    L - Low Input
    H - High Input
    + - Silver Horsie Klone
    D - Direct Profile