My display today...

  • Looks like insects to me.

    It's not unheard of for lil' critters to crawl in there and die. Pretty sure I've seen it mentioned here in the forum about 4 years ago.

    I'm guessing that they might be able to be sucked out with a vacuum cleaner or blown out with compressed air, only with support's permission, of course. Failing that, Kemper might have to remove them.

    Have you noticed dead insects of similar size and shape on your windowsills? I ask 'cause the obvious way to prevent this happening again would be to address the cause, which in the case of insects is invariably a food source or the smell of one... assuming my guess is correct of course. :/

  • As I suggested, ask Kemper if it's OK if you try to suck them out with a vacuum cleaner. Some, including support, might argue that it'd be better to blast with compressed air.

    FWIMBW, the giveaways that they weren't dead pixels were:

    1) No consistent mathematical relationship between the individual-pixel positions. IOW, not appearing in horizontal or vertical rows, for instance.

    2) The angles of the "lines" are impossible to produce smoothly at the display's resolution.

    3) The colour of the images is darker than the "dark" pixels (the dark-blue ones) of the colour and brightness you've chosen for your screen.

  • I'd already edited my post 24 minutes ago, Damian; you're correct, of course. I've managed to get away with using various vacuums with tower-and-laptop computer "work" for 20 years with no issues and haven't once bought compressed air. I use special attachments and take anti-stat measures, of course.

    After typing the "suggestion" (emphasising with support's permission), I realised that, as always happens on the internet when I say such things, someone would certainly mention the preferred compressed-air-can option. Embarrassingly, the only reason I've never bought it is that I haven't been able to bring myself to spend money on air.

    Sorry about the delays involved. I had the edited post sitting in my dock and lost track of it 'cause I've about had it with multiple posts sitting there waiting to be submitted, something I've had to deal with for 4+ months. I submit, make a note of the time, go and do something else and return to submit the next one when "allowed". Makes helping folks bloody-hard when they inevitably respond with more questions... and wastes a heck of a lot of time.

    Please don't ask about this! Further details won't be forthcoming. This delay thing has cost me way-too-much sleep lately and this submission will be the last for the evening (4:30AM). :rolleyes:

    Take care, bud.

  • I’ve actually had this happen to a display years ago. Had an iMac that a bug crawled into. The tech didn’t believe me. Then he did some research.

    Replaced it at no cost. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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