Rotating speaker effect

  • I'm going for a morphing effect with rotating speakers such that it morphs from slow rotate to fast rotate. What I hoped to do was add a rotating speaker effect, then morph the speed, but looking at the parameters that can be controlled I don't see speed as one of them. I'm confused by this since I added a preset called Rotate Slow and another called Rotate Fast (I'm not in front of the Kemper - those names are paraphrased), but when I look at the parameters of the two I don't see any difference. I did set up the effect I'm looking for by assigning both of those to the same footswitch on the remote and morphing their mixes so the slow one is silent when the fast is at 100% and vice versa. The problem is that this takes two effect slots and is considerably more fussy to set up for other rigs. Am I missing something obvious?

  • It isn’t possible to gradually change speed under your own control or set your own fast and slow speeds. The two speeds and the ramp up/down rate between them is preset in the effect. Several people have asked for the ability to control this but the answer from Kemper has always been that you can’t set the these parameters on a real Leslie cabinet so the current effect is therefore authentic.

    However, I believe all you are trying to do is ramp between the existing slow and fast settings. This is definitely possible and easily done. The way I do it is to assign one of the top row of buttons on the Remote to toggle between the speeds. You do this the same way as you would normally assign an effect to a footswitch. Press and hold the desired footswitch the hit the fast/slow softkey in the Rotary effect edit pages. Now you have one Rotary effect in a single slot but a Remote footswitch changing between fast and slow but the ramp between them will still be fixed.

  • I do the same thing Wheresthedug described; works "just" like a real leslie.

    I haven't tried increasing or decreasing the mix level, but surely you can assign the morph to change between fast and slow, while also morphing the mix level, miking distance, etc. And you could set the timing of the change in mix level to correspond with the preset timing of the change from fast to slow. Doing this would free up one button on the upper row of the remote, that is assuming you use one button to turn the rotary effect on and off.