Rig Manager and effects

  • I remain disappointed that we are unable to arrange the effects in our Profilers with Rig Manager.

    Now that I think of it why can we not edit both the Amp Profiles and the Effects in software? It seems ridiculous when virtually every other hardware amp sim has a software editing interface.

  • Is that sarcasm or have you been hiding under a rock for the last year 😂

    OS7 is apparently in internal testing and due for release “summer 2019”. This will include a full revamp of Rig Manager into a real time editor and preset manager tool. The editor was denied at NAMM earlier this year where moving controls on screen simultaneously changed the values on the KPA. As for the preset management we will need to wait and see what that provides.

    Good things come to those who wait


  • Well I am not sure about the sarcasm.:rolleyes: But I haven't posted for over a year - that is true. I have been using the Kemper a lot. And it has to be said, loving it. To be honest I mostly record and use effects in Cubase.

    The Kemper is great for getting the guitar sound I want, but it's difficult to record with efx, as you often need to alter the levels etc. to fit the track. Especially if you have a number of guitars in a project.However, I do want to be able to come a lot closer to what I am getting in Cubase so that I am playing to the efx.

    Thanks for the heads up about OS7.

  • Sorry if I sounded like I was having a go. I was only joking as the forum and Facebook group seem to talk about the new editor constantly. We don’t know when it will be released other than Kemper have always said Summer and recently said it was on target so it should be soon. Hopefully, that will make your life a lot easier.