Stereo effects when using monitor/direct out - and low cab volume as well?

  • Hi all,

    Using KPA rack w/ Matrix power amp and have supposedly configured the monitor output ind direct output to work as stereo outs into my Matrix power amp... however I get no stereo effects at all. Actually I don't get any effects save for flange/distortion/comp stomps. Am I doing something wrong?

    I've got the Monitor output set to mod stereo and the direct out says it is used for Monitor Stereo.

    Also - the cab volume seems really low. I upped the master volume and the FOH gets really loud, but the cabs only a bit more. I'm using 2x 1x12'' CAE cabs with the Matrix.

    Any pointers greatly appreciated!

  • For your other issue you need to unlink the master volume from the Main outputs and only use it to control the monitor output volume.

    You will find a more detailed explanation in the main manual.(p.68) The chapter also explains the differences between the output source setting options.