Sarno Music Solutions CTP-->McIntosh MC2100--Beyma Liberty 8 2x12 Profiles

  • One of my colleagues at work has a home studio and he profiled my Grateful Dead-ish rig. My amp is a Sarno Music Solutions Classic Twin Preamp into a McIntosh MC2100 power amp into a 2x12 cab loaded with Beyma Liberty 8 speakers. We did a clean profile and then a couple with my SMS Earth Drive overdrive pedal, a couple with my T-Rex Dr Swamp, and one with my SMS Solar Flare distortion. Steve used a Townsend Labs L22 mic modeling a RCA 77 DX and an SM57 along with an actual SM 57. I think it came out pretty good. The SMS is a great clean amp and a good canvas for effects. Here's a short demo using my iPhone so the sound is a bit compressed. The profiles are up on the Rig Exchange now :)