Pedal volume control S/PDIF direct Output and analog ts output level question

  • Hi,

    I'd like to make a question as I have not find the answer yet. I use my kemper with S/PDIF cables to my UAD Apollo and almost everytime I record the pure guitar signal for reamping purposes. As S/PDIF output I use Git/ Stack option so in the left channel I send the direct signal and in the right channel the stack signal. I always use an EP1-KP for volume control, but I cannot assign it to control direct output as well. According to the manual for git/stack output option

    "The left signal is the pure instrument, with Noise Gate and Volume Pedal (if Volume Pedal is set to “Input”). The right channel will carry the stack signal and does not include any post amp effects".

    At rig settings I set the location of Volume pedal to Input but I cannot control the pure instrument's volume at all, only the right channel where the signal going through the stack section.

    Could you please tell me if I am doing something wrong or am I ignoring any other setting?


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  • Hi....!!!

    I am confused. The unbalanced ts cable outputs of Kemper are line level? So I connect with the line inputs of my UAD Apollo. And if in DI output I use git analog output option then I connect to the di to a Hi-Z input?

    Sorry for the questions.... I got confused a lot!

  • Thanks for your answer.

    The only thing that I want when I control DI with volume pedal is when I want to (I do not know if I could describe it well as English is not my native language) make a fade in to the guitars. I can do it well with the wet signal so its fade in is when and how I want it. So I suppose the same will be with the dry signal and so it will not require further edit in DAW after reamping.

    Also I'd like to ask how to connect my Kemper analog to the UAP Apollo Firewire. I am thinking that if I use xlr to xlr the signal will flow through two preamp stages one from the Kemper and one from my Apollo. Am I right or this is wrong?

    Is it ok to connect it with unbalanced cables from 1/4 ts outputs to Apollo's line in or I have to go through Hi-Z input? According to Apollo's manual the line inputs are TRS but it could handle TS cables too.

    Or maybe I have to buy an XLR to TRS cable and connect the XLR outputs of Kemper to line inputs of Apollo?

    As far as I understand the main Kemper outputs (XLR and 1/4 TS) are both line level but I am not sure for that.