Stability problem.

  • Hello. I have my Kemper about 2 weeks and I have found amazing profiles and tones. But I noticed that sometimes the quality of the tone goes down about 5-15% from day to day or in the same day. I believed it was my mind playing tricks!!Yesterday I played at noon with some new profiles that were amazing. At night the tone quality seemed about 10% worst. I shut off the Kemper just to re open it. When I shut it of, a strange periodical sound was going on in my D.A.W. and my monitors!!I moved away my mobile phone but nothing. I couldn't believe that this sound was from my closed Kemper..and when I pulled out the xlr cable from my interface, the periodical sound stopped. Any ideas...could be something wrong with my Kemper..could be humidity? I bought a used Kemper and it seems flawless..Gibson deluxe-Kemper-xlr cable to Steinberg ur22-Ryzen 2700-windows 10-Studio one 4.5-Presonus Eris8 monitors!!

    Also if anyone could I have techical check if my Kemper is ok??!! from outside seems as I said flawless..the guy that had it before bought it new at December 2015 and he told me that never left his room desk and played a little with it..!!

  • The PROFILER sends line level signals. Some interfaces automatically switch to mic sensitivity when you connect an XLR cable.

    I would suggest to use simple TS guitar cables to connect the PROFILER to your interface to see if that makes a change.

  • Do you get that sound also when the PROFILER is not connected over XLR to the interface and you monitor though the headphone output of the PROFILER?

    Maybe your interface is also sending phantom power over the XLRs. This could cause all kinds of sonic artifacts.

  • one look at the manual of your interface reveals that my assumption was correct.

    For connection to a microphone or digital

    instrument. This jack can be connected to both XLR-type and phone-type (balanced/ unbalanced) plugs. When connected to an XLR- type plug, this jack automatically switches to microphone input sensitivity, and when connected to a phone-type plug, it switches to line input sensitivity.