Stability problem.

  • Hello. I have my Kemper about 2 weeks and I have found amazing profiles and tones. But I noticed that sometimes the quality of the tone goes down about 5-15% from day to day or in the same day. I believed it was my mind playing tricks!!Yesterday I played at noon with some new profiles that were amazing. At night the tone quality seemed about 10% worst. I shut off the Kemper just to re open it. When I shut it of, a strange periodical sound was going on in my D.A.W. and my monitors!!I moved away my mobile phone but nothing. I couldn't believe that this sound was from my closed Kemper..and when I pulled out the xlr cable from my interface, the periodical sound stopped. Any ideas...could be something wrong with my Kemper..could be humidity? I bought a used Kemper and it seems flawless..Gibson deluxe-Kemper-xlr cable to Steinberg ur22-Ryzen 2700-windows 10-Studio one 4.5-Presonus Eris8 monitors!!

    Also if anyone could I have techical check if my Kemper is ok??!! from outside seems as I said flawless..the guy that had it before bought it new at December 2015 and he told me that never left his room desk and played a little with it..!!

  • Firstly, the first rule of trouble shooting is to remove anything from the chain that isn’t necessary. In your case, I’d start by checking guitar->Kemper->headphones.

    If that’s problem free, go guitar->Kemper->XLR->studio monitors.

    Once that checks out, try it with your interface.

    The problem could be caused by many variables, including leads and cables.