Who’s getting a stage ??

  • As a sit down pedal steel player it makes no sense. If I were more stand up guitar I'd get one for sure. I'm glad the rackmount came out first as I've got it at eye level and close at hand. Too much going on down there with feet as it is.

  • The format appeals to me, but I think ill wait for the kemper cabinet’s powered version first... its a compact unit and lets me drag an item less to rehearsal, but im nit selling my powered kemper before i know i wont need it anymore for sure!

  • I was on it, I was ready to pull the trigger,,BUT,,,,I had hoped for a better display,,,, larger,,way easier to see on a dark stage or even worse, bright sun,,, I have to use a headrush as a midi controller /floorboard,,,because once I saw the size of that 5x7 color touch display, , I can never go back to a little screen,I can see it/tune up,,, from across the stage,,,,,, my eyes are shot, I could never get by with that display on the floor,,I could not read the Kemper foot controller,or the Kemper rack display,,very well even with glasses,, ,,I do want to get one just to have,,If I can move some extra gear, Ill get it just because I want to support the team,leave it in the studio for players/clients to use,,,Looks like another great tool from CK, thanks

  • To be honest I don't understand the advantage of a big floorboard against the toaster/remote combination.Specially if we talk about small stages..a big floorboard(like the KPS or the ax8),2-3 expression pedals and a pedaltrain full with stomps..this is a huge rig.Just on the floor instead in a big rack next to you..

    For small stages all I want is a small controller (like the remote) and a small,light head (like the toaster) which fits everywhere.Maybe a pedal (like an expressionpedal for morphing) and a wah too..

    Only a remote sized "profile player" would be a real advantage over the toaster/remote combination when we talk about small gigs.

    Sure. Me too; however, ......

    The "Stage" isn't marketed to those of us with existing KPA's. It is marketed at the ~$1500.00 crowd. Our current rigs cha-ching in at around $2400.00. That is a much higher barrier to entry for alot of people.

    The Stage is also easier to transport. The "Throw and go" crowd will love it to pieces.

    I am with you though. I don't want all those cords around my feet. I want the minimal footprint foot controller as well (as you mention for small stages); however, if I were buying today, I would likely buy the "Stage" version. It is simply too much value to be ignored.

    I suspect that Kemper will sell them 2:1 to 4:1 over the current KPA models.

  • OneEng1

    I understand all this.And as I said before I am very happy for all the guys who asked for exactly this..Kemper will sell a lot of these and this is good not only for them but for all of us who use their gear..for many reasons..

    I expect we will see more "solutions" from Kemper and now with the stage further floorboard solutions are not "unthinkable" anymore.A smaller "profile player" has been much discussed on this forum.Christoph for sure has seen this discussion.

    As for the Stage..for me "to big" (and much to expensive) for rehearsals and jams but also for small,crowded coffee house gigs.When you have 1.5 square meters for three musicians in front of dozens of drunk dancing students every cm counts.And for more "serious gigs" I need the toaster right next to me which btw for me is "no weight"..small,light...perfect for live.Same as the remote ofcourse.

    But again..I am happy that Kemper did this.

  • I sold my toaster wainting for this, and had a HX Stomp for a while...
    Point is, get a Pedaltrain Pro, Kemper Stage, SD Powerstage and an expression pedal, then you are good to go... all in one bag. You even have room for a few extra pedals. Put it on the floor, and power it, get a few cables going out, to either a guitar cab, FRFR or FOTH... can't get much easier than that.
    That's all I wanted... one bag, setup finished, except for a few cables out, that I can bring anywhere.

    Getting mine tomorrow or the day after. HX Stomp already sold. Looking forward to it. Profiles just wainting to be loaded into this thing :D

  • I suspect and assume that it was probably easier to keep all the same functionality than fundamentally change i.e. have as just a profile player...


    I read some sarcastic posts about the stage like "minimum risk maximum profit" but I don't understand this sarcasm.Ofcourse Kemper needs funds for their coming projects and the stage will bring these..low risk?I would say a proven concept.Many,many people asked for this for years.

    It is easier to innovate when you have some safety net under your feet.For sure the Stage will help Kemper to create this safety net.The Kone and whatever Kemper hast in mind for the next years will be innovative and for sure not completely without risk.

  • I think Kemper have been delivering what people wanted and more.

    The stage is exactly what people asked for since the helix came out.

    The editor is what many had been asking for for a long time.

    The delays and reverbs are beyond what anyone would have dared to hope for... and they come for free...

    The kemper speakers are great innovation...

    The extended market base they will get with the stage means they will be able to continue to support Kempet owners with great updates for a few more years...

    I love Kemper!

    Had we bought an AxeFX we would have had to buy a new unit every couple of years...

  • What? I never would expect this.

    I, myself am buying two, so I guess I am contibuting a lot to this statistic ;). I´ve been moaning and waiting for too long for exactly this to happen. I could not be happier with the stage and do not need anything else until the next generation of Kempers.

    Better have it and not need it, than need it and not have it! - Michael Angelo Batio

  • I find myself in an interesting position regarding the Stage. It's very cool, so I want it for no other reason than the fact that I'm attracted to shiny objects. Budget's not a problem, so I could order one today. If I did fly dates it would be awesome. Even locally, the grab it and go factor is impressive, as is the fact that internally it's a full on Kemper, profiling and all. I expect to hear stories over the next few weeks from a lot of very happy players.

    And yet, I have a powered toaster and a remote that seem to check all the boxes for me. The toaster sits perfectly at arms length in the control room. A cat 5 cable runs to the live room where all I have to do is plug in the remote. When I drive somewhere, they both fit in a bag that's small enough to fit in the back of my incredibly impractical car (this was the original reason I didn't buy a rack, as a 4U + speaker + guitars won't fit). If I were making the purchase today, with the Stage available, I'd still buy the exact same rig.

    So, as one part of my brain lobbied very heavily for getting one, I came to a shocking realization that's a bit embarrassing to admit in a roomful of guitarists. I'm perfectly content with my rig, and there's nothing I want to buy.

    I'm considering therapy to overcome this limitation.

  • I'm having the same argument with the idiot in the mirror.

    When you find the right shrink I'll go with you.

    Group rates...

  • What? I never would expect this.

    Online sales ranks can be extremely volatile. Amazon is a great example of this. When I wrote my first book, I got a good review on a highly trafficked website, so there was a burst of sales for a few days. Not huge in the grand scheme of things, but for daily (or even hourly) rankings it made a dent.

    And so, for one glorious day, I had the number 3 book on Amazon, behind Harry Potter and the South Beach Diet. And trust me, I didn't sell a Harry Potter's level of copies. Still, great fun for the ego.

    Of course, there's also the self fulfilling prophecy thing as well. Being at number 1 on Thomann's list gives the impression that it must be the Next Cool Thing (never mind that it actually is), so more people buy it, keeping it at number 1 on the list, so more people buy it. And the dog happily chases his tail. :)

    I'm having the same argument with the idiot in the mirror.

    When you find the right shrink I'll go with you.

    Group rates...

    You're what they call in the trade an enabler. Next round's on me. :)

  • Exactly!

    Kemper has filled a market gap they had. Consider the competition they had with Helix and AX8 (I would include FM3 .... but no sense comparing something you can actually buy with a future product that is going to be available "sometime in the future".

    Kemper has continually improved their product, and their product line. In my day job I am a product manager. All I can say about the "Stage" release is .... smart, smart, smart Kemper.

    Now ... if you are listening CK, maybe a smaller, even less expensive model that uses bluetooth to a tablet as an editing interface that runs sub $1K ;). Actually, this is much more difficult than the "Stage" was since Kemper kept the interface pretty much untouched so commonizing the firmware was an easier task.

    Still, a sub 1K Kemper offering would be a huge money maker ;)

    That is a thread for another day though.

    Today, Kemper has really hit a home run. Clean out of the park IMO.