Rig manager to sort by similarity

  • I have a bunch of profiles that I think are really great, but always wonder if there are other similar profiles that are just a bit better in some way. I also often think that a profile is good, but I'd like a bit more warmth, or sparkle or bite etc.

    But with many thousands of profiles to search through its hard to know where to start looking, other than similar amps with similar gain. There are probably a lot of hidden gems that would be missed by just looking for other profiles of the same amp. I usually give up looking and go back to tweaking the profiles I already use, and to be fair the kemper is great for modifying a profile to get just what you want.

    As I understand it a Kemper profile is a just set of parameters, so it should be possible for rig manager to sort profiles in order of their similarity to a reference profile. Rig manager would sort the rigs by total variance of the most dominant parameters.

    As an extension of this idea of sorting by the profile parameters, rig manager could be extended to have columns for sparkle, bite, grit, warmth, fatness etc so you could sort by gain then sparkle then fatness for example. Obviously to do that would be quite a lot of work by the kemper team to come up with a set of common (rather subjective) terms for guitar tone and decide which profile parameters best fit most guitarist's understanding of what that term means. A bit of a minefield to get into, but the end result would make the rig manager and the rig exchange a lot more useful.

  • You can sort by gain already. By eq ranges? You mean stack EQ? Stomp EQ? You can have up 9 EQs in one profile. The combination on 4 EQ parameters (not counting volume, high pass, low pass) multiplied by 9 makes this very complex. In my opinion not worth to import implement, very complex and of little value to me.

  • I was suggesting RM to use the parameters in the profile (assuming that a profile is just a list of parameters arrived at by the profiling process) to find similarity. Just a thought. Interesting to see if other users had felt the same need from time to time.

    Since OS 7.0 there will be preset management implemented and as I understand the profile besides its own parameters, will be carrying FX parameters like EQs values. Technically it would be possible, but I cannot myself think of usage of such ideas. But that's just me ;)

  • I like the idea. The Rig Exchange is way too big to manage. We do need some way of filtering them. A better rating system could also help. A scale of 5 is rather course. Perhaps the sonic characteristics word or tag should be entered by the up-loader. If a Rig has no descriptor tag, then anyone could add one, but no one could alter one made by the owner.

    Did that make any sense at all?


  • I think it's definitely an interesting idea, but I think something like this would play into the argument that the Kemper profiles are based on a limited set of models.

    In that regard, I don't see the company doing this.

    Perhaps search could be refined further though.

    For example, when you try to differentiate between gain on Rig Manager, you only see about 10 or 12 bars to indicate how much gain there is.

    This is a bit counterproductive: after all, when I look at the gain knob on the Profiler, there are quite a number of LEDs (I haven't counted how many). Plus some of the LEDs go dimmer or brighter as you adjust the gain, so there are stages.

    In that sense, having a more appropriate indicator of gain on the Rig Exchange would be welcome.

    Also, perhaps rather than just being able to search on a single parameter, how about I get to search for Rigs with x amount of gain and definition at x?