OS7 Public Beta Discussion

  • Well excuse me for not reading the right posts. X/

    Hmmm, a simple "thank you" would have been sufficient -- given the detailed instructions I typed out for you, explaining how to access and download the OS7 Beta Release via the Kemper website. There were numerous prior posts explaining how to do it via Rig Manager.

    Also, you are welcome.

  • Quote

    See? This happens when betas are rushed. So please everyone, stop putting pressure on the company and wait for them feeling good with their results. It's less hassle for everyone.

    I don't want to put pressure on the company, i have downloaded the OS7 and i make a report about issue i have spotted.

    It works like that, with a beta.

    I don't blame Kemper's team.

  • New OS is stable enough for them to ship the Stage with it. It wouldn't make sense to not release at least a beta for the toaster and rack. Bugs do appear in all betas. Even in stable versions. Some are better and others are worse. This one seems a big update to the core of the software and it seems logical that it will have more bugs than usual.

  • Usually bugs are sorted pretty promptly and new betas are released. If you are touring/gigging I guess new beta software is not for prime time but for the rest of us mere mortals sit tight - I am sure Burkhard and the guys at HQ are on the case.

  • A few impressions.

    - After intallation OS 7 erased all Snapshots / Stomps Presets / Effects Presets

    - Obviously it's no longer possible to open new backupfile format with zip programs

    - Unfortunately there is no way (in KPA) to see the total number of effects anymore in Preset Management.

    - Am I wrong or... I imagine that behavior of Stomp Buttons was changed (?)

    OS 6 - push any stomp / effect button (profiler) while another effect is in focus : new stomp turn on / off

    OS 7 - push any stomp / effect button (profiler) while another effect is in focus : new stomp is now in focus


    No Remote

    Non powered rack KPA

  • Hard to argue that we Kemper owners contributed to the seemingly too early beta release. Sure, the Stage shipped and that put pressure on themselves.

    But everyone screaming “Where’s the new RM!?! When will 7.0 ship ?!?!!?” Etc??

    It’s like dealing with a young kid...

    ....”Oh. My. Gosh....with you shut UP!?! Fine, here!!!”

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  • I’ve been getting a crackling through main XLR but I still haven’t systematically traced it to see it it really is the KPA or my interface (I took my whole studio apart last week and then reconfigured it) or the new guitar that I wired up yesterday but haven’t actually finished building ? i don’t want to blame OS7 but I will be monitoring it closely over the neck couple of days just in case.

  • after Update to OS7 cabs were lost from 207 to 104.

    Going back to 6.0

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  • The addendum states you can now reverse the up/down direction for performance/rig buttons. This would be very useful to me. Nowhere can I find how to do this including the updated v7 manual.

    Does anyone know how to do this?

  • Anyone having WAH pedal issues? On presets where the WAH is set to always ON but only active when the pedal is in motion, I have noticed a greatly diminished range. If I change that same preset to alway ON regardless of pedal motion, the full range comes back. Don't think it's a pedal issue as I have used this setup for awhile and the Rig settings show that it is capturing full range.

    Not a major issue, but curious if anyone has had a similar issue. Using Mission Engineering expression pedal with dual outputs. One output set to act as a preset toggle using the toe switch and one output for controlling the range.