Upload pre-recorded audio to Looper in Rig Manager / Editor for faster choosing the right Rig

  • Hello all,

    I would like to see the following feature in the Rig Manager, respectively the upcoming Editor.

    This could save a lot of time when you are searching for your right rig.

    This is my idea:

    It should be possible to upload a pre-recorded .WAV / .AIF (or whatever works) file, via the Rig Manager or the

    Editor to the Looper of the KPA - without a needed Kemper Remote.

    For recording you can use (for example) any Wave Editor or DAW.

    Maybe the Rig Manager or Editor could provide such a simple recording feature, too.

    Now, with you favorite (standart) riffs and licks recorded, you can upload these to the Looper of the KPA and switching

    through you Rigs while it plays, turning and dialing knobs to find your favorite sound. This could save you a lot of time because there is no need

    to play & record your stuff over and over again.

  • Wouldn't setting the KPA in reamping mode and playing some audio from the computer while browsing and tweaking profiles work exactly as you want? I know it requires additional connections, but since the usb cannot be used as an audio interface, this idea seems unlikely to work through usb either (although it may be technically possible since it doesn't have the same requirement for low latency. I have no idea, just speculating here).

    Sorry if I miss something obvious about the reamping setting, I haven't made myself familiar with that process yet.

  • Fedest in theory the idea should work as no live audio is being transferred via USB. The suggestion would only require an audio file to be transferred to the KPA and the KPA would play that internally.

    My first thought was “why not just use reamping as you must already have a DAW to make the recording”. However, after some more thought it is actually significantly more simple and elegant than hooking up and reamping. Whether it is possible with RM And whether it is a big enough time saver for users to justify the development is another matter but in principle I like the idea. However, I would probably use it slightly differently. I would tend to use it for getting mic placement right when actually profiling.