Controlling morphing with multiple expression pedals

  • This is a request about getting more flexibility for controlling continuous parameters of a Rig. I would like to be able to have multiple expression pedals connected to the Remote to control delay and reverb mix parameters freely and independently in realtime within a rig using multiple expression pedals - like can be achieved using a MIDI CC enabled pedals connected directly into the Profiler.

    There are couple of feature requests that are somewhat related (e.g. this one More flexble expressin pedal control of CC ), but this one would not concern any MIDI.

    This could be achieved by implementing new pedal type functions to the current (Morph, Wah, Volume, Pitch, Monitor Vol.) list. So instead of adding all possible - or just a few most popular - continuous parameters or effect types to the existing selection list (that could lead to some logical conflicts or side effects like noted by Burkhard in the linked thread) there could maybe be just multiple Morph pedals (1,2,3,4..) available in the pedal function selection list. And all these secondary morph pedals could then control any continuous parameter (or even multiple) with the restriction that one parameter(s) can be linked only to one morph pedal at the time.

    To keep it simple the Rig loading and morph editing could be kept as is (i.e. secondary morph pedal not necessarily used here), but only allow secondary morph to override / inherit the desired parameter control from the 'main' morph command.

  • Good point JuLai . I actually posted the Midi C.C. Option as a workaround because Burkhard told me that multiple levels of Morphing would be too confusing for users. I totally disagree with this theory but offered an alternative solution anyway.

    In my opinion the best solution would be to remove Wah, Volume And Pitch control options and replace them with 2, 3 or even 4 Morphing Layers. This would be really easy to navigate with the new editor when it finally lands. By using independent Morphing layers each pedal could control any one or more parameters as required and could be set on a rig by rig basis. This would be much more flexible and more intuitive than the current Wah>Pitch >Volume workflow.

    The Morph feature is a work of genius ! unfortunately, the shared Wah,pitch and volume isn’t.

  • This is a feature missing that is driving me nuts. Since I have the remote, my workaround has been to add another Delay block and toggle between them. Obviously this isn't the best idea because it robs me of one of my blocks and it only offers two different mix control levels. I wish they would address this issue and stop telling us that the KPA already does it. On a former Fractal product I used to use, I could assign ANY parameter I wanted to ANYTHING I wanted.. button or expression. Kemper needs to fix this. Obviously we are Kemper users because we prefer the sound of a Kemper. I am really hoping someone will address this soon. It seems almost ridiculous that a unit this good would have such an elementary limitation. I love my Kemper so come on guys get er done . : )