Kemper Tips and Tricks - Fuzz DS Stomp

  • The Sooze shows us a pretty cool and often over looked Stomp in this episode of Kemper Tips and Tricks! It's the Fuzz DS Stomp!!! Sooze and HW mess around with the Fuzz DS but what is so cool about this Stomp is that if you run the gain on 0, you still get a some spitty fuzzy breakup. The mix knob at that point almost becomes like a gain knob that you can use to clean it up or push the amps hard It's a pretty cool trick form the Sooze!!

  • Indeed. I’m not sure how they would do it though as the way real fuzzes work depends on the interaction between the impedance of the guitar pickups and the input of the fuzz. Effectively, the guitar and the Fuzz become one single circuit. The Kemper would need some way to physically replicate this (probably a hardware change) or some complex programming to simulate it in the box. I’m not engineer or programmer so I don’t know whether this is impossible, super easy or so,m in between.