Profiler Stage Problem strait out of the box...

  • My brand new Profiler Stage have problems strait out of the box...

    1. Tap is not possible to assign to anything...

    2. I tried to downgrade to FW 6, and "get update fail" in the display.

    I tried to backup from my toaster fw. 6 and everything went well, but the Tap is not possible to assign.

    I tried to downgrade the fw to 6 and the first time the Stage froze and said contact support,

    the second and the third time i tried to downgrade to fw 6, I got the same message in the display "get update fail" .

    UPDATE: I spoke to Kemper on the phone it seems to be a bug with the Tap assign function, and I was told the Stage do not support fw.6.

    So I have to wait for a new fw update soon... :)

    Kemper Stage, KPA head, Remote, L-Acoustics 108P active FRFR monitor

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  • I understand, the TAP button works as a TAP button. It's true, that the capability to assign another function to the TAP button is currently dysfunctional at the Stage. It works for LOOPER and TUNER buttons, but not for TAP. It works in OS 7.0 for other PROFILER models.

    I guess, it's never a good idea to take a brand-new product and downgrade the OS it has been delivered with. At least not without consultation of the manufacturer.