Best impedance for running Kemper

  • Dear Community,

    I really want to get an Hesu Basstard B210, as I’ve been a huge fan of Hesu for years.

    But those bass cabinets feature a 4 Ohm connection (for 700W RMS).

    Hesu company offered me to craft a special 16 Ohm connection so I can hook up my Kemper (8 Ohm is not possible).

    So I got two options:

    - 16 Ohm

    - 4 Ohm

    Which one would you go for ?

    My main concern is if I ever need to use another bass amp, most of them don’t feature a 16 Ohm connection.

    + I’ll loose power possibilities and I don’t want that even though I’ll probably never use 600W.

    So I’d go for the 4 Ohm version but does anybody have some field experience running a Kemper unit at this impedance ?

    Is the volume still under control ?

    Ever reach the threshold by accident making the amp going into security mode ?

    Thanks a lot for your input.

    Sorry if sloppy english, french dude here.

  • Hi Molly mammouth

    welcome to the forum.

    From the Main Manual:

    The internal power amp is mono and delivers 600 watts at 8 ohms; however, the wattage will be lowered to 300 watts when used at 16 ohms. The power amplifier provides sufficient headroom to avoid clipping, even with dynamic clean sounds. Very loud signals and transients will then be compressed by a nice, organic-sounding soft-clipping circuit. You should, however, use these 600 watts of power with caution - if you are running at high volumes and notice any indications of speaker distress, turn down Monitor Volume or Power Amp Boost. The parameter “Power Amp Boost” can be found on the last page of the Output Section, where you will also find a watt meter that shows you how many watts the power amp is using at any given moment.

    At 4 ohms, the wattage is electronically limited to 600 watts. If these 600 watts are exceeded the power amp is deactivated for a short moment, which causes a short dropout. It would require insane volumes to experience such dropouts. However, if you are connecting a 4-ohm cabinet, you should test it carefully to ensure that your loudest signals stay below that critical level.

    Does that help?

  • Dear HELL-G,

    Thanks for answering.

    This quote from the manual basically says my Kemper is fine even hooked up at 4 Ohm, which is good to know, but I’m more looking for a practical point of view to answer the following question:

    Is it still possible to properly handle the volume level, or does it become too sensitive ? Has anyone somehow reached the critical level by accident ?

    Or any other issue I wouldn’t have thought about yet.

    And finally, for which version you would go.

    Thank you in advance

  • The Profiler will work as expected. The sensitivity does not change as far as i know.

    The failsafe function of the power amp just cuts out for a short moment, then kicks back in.

    I have tested this myself and before running into any critical condition you experience deafening volume.

    We use a 8x10 4Ohm Cab in my rehearsal space and it works just fine both at low volume when rehearsing with additional in-ear monitoring and the cab just providing some 'body' to the overall sound as well as at high volume with a 5 piece metal band with a hard hitting drummer.

    I personally would go with th 4 Ohm.