Kemper AITR Question

  • I'm having a hard time understanding Direct profiles or profiles when I remove the cab and use the Kemper through a solid state amp and into a real 4x12.

    There is a pretty big difference of how my amps sound through real cabs (AITR) vs when the cabs are micd or through a reactive load w/ IR. The EQ settings that I have to change on the amp for AITR vs. micd cab or IR through headphones or FRFR are very different.

    If part of a profile of an amp is the result of the pefect EQ settings for a micd cab, then how reasonable is it to think that I will be able to use a Direct profile or no cab profile and run that through a SS amp and into a real guitar cab and be able to adjust the EQ or EQs to compensate for the AITR difference?

    This is where I keep thinking about the Fractal/Helix and how I can adjust the EQ or several EQs (think Mesa 5 band, etc.) and not have to worry about it compromising the inherent sounds of the modeled amp vs. a static capture in time of a profile.

    I'm probably just going to have to play around with it and see what I can do with the EQ on a Direct or no cab profile when trying to get it to sound good for AITR.

    Any thoughts or experiences?

  • The Kemper has separate EQs for the monitor and main outputs, which can get you a long way. You can also have the Cabs engaged on the main out, while having no Cab on the monitor output, feeding your real world cabinet.

    Generally however, if I like a profile through headphones/studio monitors/FRFR, I’ll like it just fine through my guitar speakers, whether I have Cabs engaged or not. If you know the sound of your guitar speakers (and like it!), then you should be ok. Experiment and try not to start out with a preconceived idea of how to do things, as you can be surprised at how things turn out with open, fresh ears and an understanding of what the KPA can do. There are many ways to do things with the Kemper.