Saving Rigs to slots 1-5

  • Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster. I just want to save a stack to a button like an old FM radio. I don't play live, and only use the KPA for recording sessions. I use browse mode almost exclusively as I can't get used to the workflow of Performance mode. I treat the KPA like a real amp, and want all my pedals and routing to stay the same for a song (and often an album) while tuning/changing amp tones on the fly.

    I just want to make a rig, and then save the stack to a slot so I can quickly move on to another part and then switch back if I want to redo something. I've dug through both the KPA and KR manuals for the answer to this, but the only sentence I can find cryptically says "The buttons in browser mode depend on settings of "View" and "Sorting" and then it never elaborates.

    I see I can sort of "scroll" through the rigs extremely inefficiently, but I make a lot of profiles, and as a result of that, I end up with a lot of detritus rigs that I don't get around to deleting immediately, so useful rigs are not sequentially ordered regardless of how I "Sort" or "View" the profiles. Surely with a device this well thought out and complicated, there must be a way to save different stacks or even rigs to buttons in browser mode, right?

  • I would use Performance mode. There really is no workflow to get used to.

    Select a slot in a performance. Browse for a rig. Load. Save. Go to next slot. Browse for a rig (if its the same basic rig as a staring point just use copy instead of browse). Load. Save. Etc etc etc

    For what you are describing it is the ideal solution and worth a few minutes to get to grips with it.

    Another option would be to use Snapshots. Empty the Snapshot list. Create the rig you need for the song. Save as a snapshot. Now the only rig in your snapshot folder will be the one you need for your song. If you tweak it save another snapshot. Now you will have two rigs in the folder. However, this can quickly get out of hand if you make lots of rigs. At some point you might need to clear out the folder and then you wouldn’t be able to easily return to them at a later stage. Whereas in performance mode you can save the performance and back it up to Rig Manager for future use whenever you want.

  • I appreciate everyone's suggestions to use performance mode, but it just seems kind of silly that to simply save something to a button, the easiest way is to log into rig manager, delete the factory performances that take up the first slots, type a name for a performance, name the slots within the performance (hopefully you know what tones you're going to use!), select each amp and effect I want, copy and paste them one at a time to the performance slot, and then when all is said and done the primary label on the amp and remote is just the name of the performance and not the name of the amp or at least the name of the slot. Then if I want to use any of those sounds on a different song, I need to remember where it was, or do all of this over again. And every time I move to a new project, I need to do all of this again as well. And all of this while having a keyboard connected to the Kemper AND a computer logged into RM.

    If I go to a studio, and want to create a performances on the fly, I have to bring a laptop, keyboard, and cables and make everyone sit there watching me connect peripherals and log into a computer and juggle rigs around? Is this really the workflow y'all use?

    Surely there's an easier way. Like... have a sound you want to save? Hold a button down on the remote. Done. Why is this *not* a functionality? Am I missing something obvious?

  • If you want to use Browse Mode, select "All Rigs", and sort "By Name".

    Name your Rigs with a beginning number, song title, and and 1 though 5. If you always have 5 (or a multiple of 5) Rigs per song, they will line up on The Remote.

    The below naming convention would work for up to 9,999 titles. Add another leading zero for if you expect to create 99,999 titles.

    00001 Song Title Rig 1

    00001 Song Title Rig 2

    etc. to Rig 5

    00002 A Different Song Title 1

    etc. to Rig 5

    00003 etc.

  • Why would you need a Keyboard connected to KPA, when you´re logged into RM?

    BTW you can set the Performance Slots to use Rig Name, instead of naming it. And if you use the same Stomps/FX for all Rigs, you can lock them before you select another amp in another Slot and the FX will stay the same for every Slot/Performance. When you have your Slots ready(and saved!!!), you can unlock, just in case you need new Performances with "a new Pedal Board".

  • As aehaem said, there is no need to be connected to RM to create performances. It can be done in seconds on the KPA itself. Slots and performances can be named as required etc.

    For effects you can either use the lock as mentioned above ore save a full block (Stomps or Effects) as a Preset making it a virtual pedalboard that can be recalled anytime you want.

    Honestly, Performance mode is the way to go.

  • As kindly as I can, you’re making this WAY more complicated than it really is. It sounds as if you’re dismissing Performance mode because of what you think. Not what you’ve experienced.

    RM is unnecessary in all of this.

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