Kemper Stage Not Working With Rig Manager

  • Yea they’ve been going in there. I’ve checked. I’m pretty confident they’re not replying anymore.

    you're wrong. you had a reply 55 minutes ago and another one 21hrs ago. our support is aware of the fact that you are missing replies from us. why don't you just call? we don't bite <3

  • :) @G String you have to admit it has been awfully quiet for a while. But, yes, I also got your responses on 2 tickets in the last hour.

    I can confirm that you are very nice on the phone. It's just that usually companies prefer that you let them get on with their work instead of bothering them with calls for updates. ;)

    But I understand your answer; If responses are lost in spam, calling is indeed a fine solution. I don't have that problem though, your mails are always in my inbox.

  • Hi folks,

    I'm completely new to the Kemperverse... :) Everything's going great except for this:

    I have installed RM on my Mac. Unfortunately, I can't use it with my ne Profiler Stage as I am receiving the following message:

    Your PROFILER needs an update. Rig Manager will search for a newer software version online. This might take a couple of minutes to arrive. Profiler 7.1.19 or higher is required.

    It does not search for anything, though.

    The Kemper Stage was updated on Dec 4, 2019 to Version

    The RM version is also the latest.

    What can I do?

  • Best to go here:

    For the Stage, you have to select Beta OS versions in the filter. Currently, RM will not auto-update currently with beta versions.

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  • Just this morning we enabled the automatic update to OS 7.1.19 beta and RM 3.0.99 beta.

    Before that these beta version were only available on our download page. And if you downloaded RM 3.0.99 beta from that page, there is a hint in its description, that this RM version requires OS 7.1.19. If you installed RM 3.0.99 beta, it recognized that OS 7.1.19 is required, but was not able to execute that update automatically.

    I think, the more fundamental question is, if it is a good practice for a beginner to start with a beta version. If you had installed the current Rig Manager release 7.1.5, it would have updated your PROFILER to the current OS release and finish. And RM will notify you as soon as new automatic updates are available.