What is the ratio of good Stages vs Stages with issues?

  • Has your Stage had issues that would stop you from selling your perfectly working Head and Remote? 10

    1. Yes - my Stage has problems (6) 60%
    2. No - my Stage works perfectly (4) 40%

    To clarify, this isn't the people on both sides against each other lol. Just trying to see what the ratio of good Stages vs bad Stages is.

    I wanted to sell my Head and Remote when my Stage came in, but I don't have full confidence in the Stage yet.

    Any thoughts?

  • It would surprise me to hear that there is anyone out there without issues because a lot of it is OS7, especially with RM.

    I do not think mine has hardware problems, only software.

    I’m going to do two festival shows with it this weekend so fingers crossed.