Props to Tone Junkies

  • I've only been a Kemper user since April but have used profiles by quite a few people. Among my favorites have been, of course, Michael Britt's stuff, Top Jimi's VH pack, a bunch of Nick K's stuff, etc. I've liked some Tone Junkies stuff but never thought it was great, until recently. I don't know what he's changed, but here lately everything new I grab from them is fan-freaking-tastic! the 62 Princeton, 63 Trem-Luxe (this one surprised me), Dirty Surly, all of those seem to be hitting this 'amp-like' tone and feel out of the park.. The real killer, though, for me is the Stu G's Arshall' pack. Unchanged they're a bit dark for me but once I dial up the Definition a little, to me, it's absolute perfect Marshall tone!

    So mad props to HW & whoever else is involved with making these killer profiles! Yes, I know there are newer ones. Yes I've bought 'em - you need to slow down a bit, gimme time to recoup some money in my bank account LOL!!!!

  • I’ve tested many profiles, M Britt, Top Jimi and other nice free profiles. I got tree Marshalls profiles from Tone Junkies and they feels very nice to play and sounds good. I’m on my holiday and just bought Dirty Surly pack, I look forward to test the Surly pack when I get back home.

    I really like TJ and his ambition to develop great profiles, and I follow him on YT. Stu G’s Arshall looks also interesting for me, I like Marshall stuff in general ?