My #5 Kemper tip

  • Hi,

    Once in a while when I find something with the KPA I really like I post it here as a tip and this #5 is probably my best so far.

    I've always loved playing with dynamics and try to use the guitar volume and tone controls to very my playing and create interest. But when I play really clean (KPA gain = 0) I sometimes want just a bit more gain to alter the dynamics just a hair.

    I've also recently added a few analog dirt boxes to my setup and have them connected before the KPA. Some pedals work well with a really clean sound and some pedals prefer just a little hair around the edges on the basic amp sound to really sound their best.

    I have now found a very cool way to handle both these scenarios without having to change to another rig/profile.

    I start out with an almost clean profile, in this case a Tone Junkie free P-Tone profile.

    First I turn down the gain to 0 to get it really clean.

    I then increase the amp volume parameter to around 2. I find that (to me) this increases the dynamic feel of the rig.

    Then I set the Amp Definition and Compression parameters so I get the right kind of feel for the guitar I've chosen to play.

    Then I put a pure boost in the Stomp B slot and set the volume to 2.3 as I find this also enhances the dynamics of the rig. You can, of course, put the Prue Boost in any of the Stomp slots. The reason I put it in slot B is because I usually have a comp in slot A, a Green Scream in slot C and something else (possibly a trem) in slot D.

    Them comes my new thing. I use the morph pedal function to increase the Gain. I set it so heel is gain = 0 and toe is gain = 2.

    The result is that I can go from a really clean sound to a not really, almost not clean with the expression pedal. As the sweep is from 0 to 2, the change is so gradual and there are so many shades of gain and dynamics to be found here when playing a clean sound that I'm truly amazed at it. While it may not be a day and night difference in gain, it is definitely a day and night difference as a playing experience. I have sooooo much fun with this and it's really rewarding to play.

    It gets even more fun when I use one of my analog pedals and can change the base feel of the amp for the pedal. Either as "set and forget" or vary in realtime.

    For added fun I recommend a Green Scream in the Stomp C slot with mix set to 60-70% and then change the gain with the morph pedal as this gives you even more gain tonalities.

    Please also remember that you can control more than the gain with the morph pedal. So if you find the Green Scream the get a bit dark when you increase the amp gain the you can increase the Tone parameter in the Green Scream with the morphing.

    I could write much more about this but it all come down to doing it for your ears and the guitars you have. I've found that it's important to balance all the involved parameters to get exactly the feel you want. I may take some time and effort but the reward is huge.


    Mats N

  • Hey guys!

    Glad you like my findings. Sometimes I like to use the gain morph quite obviously but the really cool part is that you can use it very subtly as I did here on this track the clean and the semi clean on the first two verses are the same rig where I just changed pick up selection on my guitar and worked the gain.


    Mats N