SOLVED. Stage. Tap tempo problem. SOLVED

  • ^^

    I don't see it's much better. I'll try harder next week; Tomorrow I have 2 gigs in Tenerife so today I had to do my after-holidays homework.

    Anyway I think I give up. If it's solved some day, I'll use it live. But I think it won't be soon. I'll just check new firmwares and will comment results here.

    Thank you!!!

  • Hi!

    I have watched the video that you have sent to our support.

    The issue that you run into is not related to the Profiler Stage in special, but you could trigger it with every Profiler and even the Access Virus.

    It not a bug, but the feature of being able to retrigger the timing at the beginning of a bar using the tap button, that I have described earlier in this thread.

    To make this feature work, there is a detection in the tempo engine whether you press the tap as sparse as once each bar or even less. This equals to a quarter or less, of the present tempo.

    So if you speed up the tempo to highs such as 250 bpm, then you have to press the tap button pretty fast still to slow down the tempo, rather than to retrigger the timing only.

    In other words: For making the retrigger funktion work suitable for the TAP, we took away the ability to tap in the quarter of the present tempo. So an attempt to tap a new tempo 60 bpm when the tempo is 250 bpm will fail.

    However, in a musical context, this would never happen. This is why this feature is up and running since day 1.


  • let’s wait for a week or two more...the guys are busy ...I will try the functionality in live gig today :)

    Stay well and best wishes.

    Your problem seems to be related. According to our support, they suspect that you use the TAP to set you delay timing directly, rather than setting a song tempo by tapping quarter notes and then setting the delay timing by using the "Note Value" to quarter notes, eighth notes etc.

    However, the latter is the standard procedure for modern digital devices to set up a delay time.


  • Hello again.

    First if all, I want to thank the Kemper team for kindly explaining me the way the Tap Switch works.

    I just expected it to work in the same way than every other gear I've had, but the fact is this Tap Switch works in a... Let's say more advanced way. I didn't find any info on this, hence my frustration.

    So things are clear now. I think I'll get used to the way it works and will probably enjoy the benefits it's supposed to bring to us. Kemper deserves all my respect in what respects to innovation, so...

    So excuse my angry earlier post. I was frustrated. I'd just have liked if someone explained it to me one month ago.;)

    I'm happy to know my Stage isn't faulty. And BTW I love the way it sounds and works.

    Thank you again.

  • Rayosytruenos

    Changed the title of the thread from “Stage. Tap tempo problem” to “SOLVED. Stage. Tap tempo problem. SOLVED”.
  • Anyway I'd like to say that in our live shows, most of the songs start while the previous song is still sounding. Just a fast count from the singer or drummer. If, for example, I have to start with a rhythm part that has a loud dotted eights delay, I'm not sure it's going to work right.

    It would be nice (for me) to have the option of a... "primitive" Tap mode (I don't really use any modulation; just delays). But I understand it's probably not going to happen.

  • Then do what probably thousands of Profiler players do in that situation:

    Change to another rig, while the old delay is still sounding and spilling over.

    The new rig should have the rough tempo saved, as well as the dedicated tempo divisions set by Note Value.

    Tap when the song starts, to correct the tempo if required, that is when your drummer deviates from the target tempo.

    Do you use different delay divisions for different songs, or is it just different tempos?

  • Hello!

    I generally only use quarter notes (for melodic solos) and dotted eighths (for some rhythm parts).

    I'm actually using the Performance Tempo, so I can set the new tempo before the next song starts and before I change to the new Rig. That's the way I always did with my other gear, and that's the way that allows me to have the right delay at the beginning of a song when needed (in that situation, I never need delay tails at the end of the song). But this week I'll try what you say.

    I'm sure I'll find my way, once I know the way Tap tempo works.

    Thank you.