Two Kemper stage out of order... MAYBE THREE!!!!!

  • No doubt some/most of the issues are related to using new chipsets in the Stage. They will need to learn how to program not only for the stage but to also make everything compatible on the older chipsets in the rack and toaster. No doubt some bugs will creep in due to those differences.

  • Don't worry they'll sort it out. They may have their hands full at the moment with the Stage release. But your issue will be resolved. After what they did for me I have NOTHING bad to say about them. Kemper is a class act for sure.

    I don't worry at all. Already I have nothing bad to say about their customer service. As I stated, tremendous customer friendly approach. I also don't worry because the modular way the Kemper is built is very clever and repair friendly. And if they cannot sort it out.....It's my own fault not theirs. I (and no one else) let my Kemper fall on the ground.

  • Bidulemachinchose, My Kemper Stage works great with no problem, I had it on two gigs one festival and one club gig with beer drinking audience... So nice not to have to handle the stiff cable from the KPA to the Remote, and quick change over at festivals. :)

    Kemper Stage, KPA head, Remote, L-Acoustics 108P active FRFR monitor

  • 11. August I ordered a Kemper stage. When it arrived it would even start up. Wrote to support, unfortunately it wasnt a pleasant experience. Had to write to them several times to get the e-mail with the papers i needed to send the unit back. Took 4 days to get that e-mail! I was told that, as soon as i dropped it of at UPS they would send a new one right away. They didnt send a new one the next day, but waited til the day after!

    Today the 27. August I’m still waiting for a working stage to arrive. It’s been 16 days so far.

    So I dont share the praise going on here about great support and a serious company

    I love the Kemper product and i have been playing a toaster without problems for years.

    But this is rediculous!

  • I received my replacement within 48 hours. Great job Kemper and UPS.

    So sorry to hear that you’ve been waiting for 16 days!

    I also experienced problems with email communication but I took the advice from @G String to call them if it takes too long and that worked.

    I think they have or had a problem with their outgoing mail server being blacklisted or something. There’s reports of missing mails and mails delivered to Junk folders all over this forum.

    Just call them is my advice.

  • Just to add to others experiences - I've been very fortunate in that my Stage has done around 8 gigs now and has been fine (I'm carrying the head as a backup though). As other's have said, I'm sure they will get things sorted very quickly.

  • It is very unfortunate that you received a faulty unit and we are very sorry about it. I looked up your case in our ticket system. You reported the problem on Friday the 16th and received the first reply on Saturday the 17th. Since the office is closed over the weekend, we sent you the paper work on Monday the 19th. For unknown reasons that email never reached you. When you informed us about it we send the paperwork again on Tuesday the 20th and you confirmed that you had received it in that email. Due to logistical reasons we could only ship the replacement unit on the 23rd and according to the tracking number it has reached its destination at a UPS access point of your choice this morning.

  • Bidulemachinchose

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  • of course they'll sort the issue, but it's rediculous that they keep sending him new products that aren't working

    Yes but there is obviously a bad batch of switches. We had this very early on with the toasters. A bad batch of LED’s were put in them and it didn’t come to light along way down the line when people’s LED’s started to die. Kemper then sorted this and if I remember it was several years down the line.

    I pick my Kemper up next week from my local PMT if it’s faulty I’ll just take it back there and they will exchange it. This is the reason I’ve have held out until they had some before I purchased it instead of ordering from someone else where I’d have to post it back etc