Two Kemper stage out of order... MAYBE THREE!!!!!

  • Yes but there is obviously a bad batch of switches. We had this very early on with the toasters. A bad batch of LED’s were put in them and it didn’t come to light along way down the line when people’s LED’s started to die. Kemper then sorted this and if I remember it was several years down the line.

    I pick my Kemper up next week from my local PMT if it’s faulty I’ll just take it back there and they will exchange it. This is the reason I’ve have held out until they had some before I purchased it instead of ordering from someone else where I’d have to post it back etc

    No offense:) but I don't see the logic here.

    Because there were problems with the toasters in the beginning it's ok that there are so many different problems with the stage?

  • What are the “many problem” with the stage.?

    Faulty switches yes and a few FW issues that are being ironed out. We are on FW 7.0.5 now and IIRC most FW issues have been sorted.

    I agree the faulty switch issue is not good and very frustrating for people who have purchased them and had to send the stage back for another one. Other than your time it’s not cost you anything out of your pocket.

    Like I said I’m picking mine up next week and not worried one bit about if it might be faulty. If it is i’ll Try the next one in the stock room :)

  • Tap tempo, switches, wierd noises, mine wouldn’t even start up (Prodtest)

    Just browse the forum... many posts about Stage Problems

    And don’t forget that many of us are gigging musicians and some are professionals that need to rely on gear to work 100%

    And that it doesn`t cost any money but only time to get a working Stage is a good thing? I mean should We be happy that they don’t charge us extra to get a working unit?

  • Oh- you should worry.

    So far I've showed up to a gig and had my entire "basic rig" in performance slot 1 (that I spent hours tweaking) be completely reset, effects buttons unassigned, backup from thumb drive did nothing. To add to it, I've just tried to update to OS 7.0.6 and the kemper is now bricked. It boots to this screen. I've put a lot of trust in Kemper by switching over to the stage and I've had such a horrendous first experience and I'm terrified to bring this on the many large gigs that I have coming up.

  • how did you do the update?

    your Stage is not bricked beyond hope.. you still can update it by USB stick. Please contact support or send me a PM to get you up and running again.. (and I think/expect your 'hours of tweaking' won't be gone at the end)

  • The new update seems to have corrected the footswitch problem!??!??

    And after tests, The output noise problem (when I disconnect the power cable) is only present on my home-working equipment: A Roland BA-330 (Powered or on battery and on any input, XLR or Jack)

    The Kemper stage is the only equipment I have with that problem (no problem with TC nova system, Pod, Torpedo CAB, mixing console...)

    Any Idea?

  • support :

    "yes the new update 7.0.6 should corrected intermittent problems with the foot switch.

    The noise after disconnect the power cable is a normal behavior, I just talked to our developer-team.
    When you have a connection between Profiler and a speaker and you disconnect the power cable, you haven’t the device grounded anymore, but you generate a ground loop with the speaker system and the main out/monitor out, If you now have different ground potential, which is influenced by your environment, you generate exactly these sounds."

  • Don't worry they'll sort it out. They may have their hands full at the moment with the Stage release. But your issue will be resolved. After what they did for me I have NOTHING bad to say about them. Kemper is a class act for sure.

    Kemper is back home. Did have contact with the repair service a few times. Just like I thought. GREAT service. Haven' t had better service anywhere else.