Factory Reset?

  • I've been a bedroom guitarist for a few years whilst owning the kemper. I haven't been very organised in my methods and the kemper has been my play thing as I have learned how to use it and experimented with profiles.

    I'm now in a function band and I'd like to be much more organised about how I use my kemper and organise my performances.

    Is there any disadvantage to doing a factory reset on the kemper? Would I need to reinstall all the OS upgrades(and presets) that have came out since I first purchased the kemper?

    Also, how do people in function bands organise their kemper? Do they stick to a few rigs(stick to the one/two amps) and use effects to colour their tones, or do players jump from rig to rig to rig to rig depending on what suits that individual song(or even part of song) the best?

  • As for updating:

    Assuming your FW is higher than 1.8, you can directly update to the latest OS.

    There is no factory reset procedure as such.

    There is an INIT GLOBALS function that resets outputs and assignments to default.

    As for rigs and FX presets: you can put all your present content in a folder in RM, then you can clear your machine, then add the Kemper factory content 7.0 to your machine and then add back any personal rigs/fx presets you might have saved.