HELP. NOOB. How do i set up my kemper to record via spdif in cubase 10 using a focusrite clarett 4

  • I have a Scarlett , not a Clarett but ;

    Make sure the SPDIF out is turned up on the KPA.

    If it uses Mix control, make sure input is set to the spdif.

    Also, make sure that the spdif out of the KPA is to the SPDIF in of the soundcard.

  • And remember to make sure in Cubase to select "Clock external" as the Kemper needs to be the clock master otherwise it will not work flawlessly.

    Apart from that, any particular detail questions? I use different audio interface (Avid Fast Track) but also with Cubase Pro and it works perfectly with the Kemper. Especially for re-amping purposes as well.

  • Cheers guys

    Is there anytbing else you cubase users can add to this list?

    Ive got the following list from night light.

    1) Connect Kemper Spdif output to focusrite spdif in

    2) Connect focusrite spdif out to Kemper spdif in

    3) Set Focusrite clock to external or spdif, so that the Kemper clock is the master. You do this in your interface settings tab.

    4) In Cubase, set your interface as the primary sound card in the audio settings tab (forgetting the exact tab name, but it's there below audio connections).

    5) In Cubase, go to the audio connections tab and go to inputs. Over there, create a new bus by clicking the plus sign and set the left and right channels to spdif left and right. Sometimes, if your interface isn't recognised, these may just show up as input 11 and 12 of whatever, but they should be there.

    6) In the project window, right click and create an audio track. Then, change the input of this audio track to your spdif bus (the same name it was under in the audio connections window, where you can rename it as well).

    7) Hit record!

  • in cubase you can't change clock settings,

    Hmm. Misunderstanding on my side?

    In my 9.5 PRO version I can. Indeed this links into the particular audio driver software but here in my configuration it is definitely relevant what I select here as "clock source". Choices are "internal" and "spdif" (the latter means that the Kemper which is connected via SPDIF is the source). Is that different in Cubase 10?

  • Hello all. Can you give me some advice on setting up reamping on cubase? i think my problem is the output buses on the di track. I cant set the di out put to spdif so it send through to my reamp track? is there something i need to set up in outputs in cubase?

    so far

    Ive got the kemper set to git/stack,

    spdif in and out connected to audio interface

    clock set to spdif and 44.1

    set left spdif track as the di, works fine

    spdif r track has the processed signal, works fine

    then a re amp track input set to the spdif all of that is okay i think. but im not sure what the outut settings should be on cubase to get a spdif on my di track to send it to the reamp track.