Looking for honest feedback of new hard rock instrumental song

  • Hello Everyone!

    My goal is some honest feedback here. All the bass and guitar parts were done with the Kemper. I did the bass parts with some of the free profiles that are given away on here every once in a while and all the guitar tones were profiled direct with an EVH 5150 III with the EL34s (in case you wanted to know). I made all the 5150 profiles with a reactive load box the Kemper DI Box.


    If you're wondering how I did anything, please feel free to ask or if you have any critiques, I'm open to listening. I just want to get better and better at this.

    Thanks for your time everyone!

  • Great tune, congratulations!

    What I like:

    Arrangement of the song is interesting and has dynamic aspects... I like the overall energy in the song and especially the calm part in the middle very much.

    Overall mixing is good, rather transparent which is not easy to achieve with the heavy and deep rythm guitars.

    What I do not like so much:

    Not much to mention. But the solo sound of all the melody line guitars is way too harsh for my taste. It cuts through the mix quite well but I would rather prefer a smoother, sweeter tone for these lines. And potentially a bit more differentiation of the sound for the different guitars playing in parallel. Personal taste though.

    Keep it up man, you're good already :thumbup:

  • Thanks! This is what I was looking for. I wasn't sure about the solo tone. Now that you point it out, I'll make some eq changes to that. You're absolutely right! Thank you DeadMan42!