Moving of performances between PowerRack and Stage

  • Hi All,

    as I got my Stage 2 days ago I want to ask the community HOW DO YOU LIVE the process as described below:

    I do/want to develop my RIGs and Performances in the studio using my PowerRack. These performances I would like to simply move from the Studio via USB stick as a backup/restore to the Kemper Stage in the rehearshal room (1:1 copy of the performances). All this based on FW 7.0.6 14970 beta (PowerRack) and 7.0.6 14973 (Stage).

    Q: Can you please tell me your experiences? I dont want to use the RIG Manager for exchanging the performances 1:1.

    Kemper support wrote to me, that from a strategic Point of view only one FW and RM is planned and intended to be used on/by all devices.

    Thank you and BR from Austria,


  • Yes, just restore the backup on the Stage. The firmware is not included. I’ve been doing this for weeks.

    The only downside I found so far is that both then share the same name as well; you can’t name one “my KRack’ and the other ‘my KStage’ but that’s not really a problem.

  • Our church has a KPA. I create my performances and create a backup.

    I’ll make a backup of the church’s, then restore with mine. At the end of the weekend, I restore the church's.

    Rig Manager is more flexible, but is impractical for this.

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  • Dear all,

    thank you for replying. I can confirm that with the FWs mentioned - FW 7.0.6 14970 beta (PowerRack) and 7.0.6 14973 (Stage) - a backup und restore is reproducing the performances 1:1. Meaning also, that a not used performance Slot (blank) in between performances is reproduced exactly according to the backup structure. The Kemper support told me, hat this would not be possible (?) .. so I hope the function is kept up in future OS releases.

    I want to tell you, that I got all my answers from the Kemper support on sunday within minutes - a great Service! So they told me that within one OS release

    - all effects (algorithms)

    - Presets

    - configs in general/global

    are duplicated. Not duplicated/restored are FX-Loops and pedal plug (as they are different).

    With duplicated name i can live too ;-)

    Thank you,