Excellent,But Long, Kemper vs Helix shootout

  • The first video I see which is really as much about "the feel" as "the tone" of the profiled rigs and I like this.

    And while we are at it..@CK once in a post some months ago said "if the tone is the same as of the profiled amp the feel is also the same"..

    I thought about this for a long time.@CK is (indeed) the only technician on earth whom I would believe this statement without to question it any further but..but..but..oh my fingers..guys like these in this video would also disagree with "same tone,same feeling"-thesis.The tone may be very similar or even the same while the "feel" could be completely "off".Or is this just psychoacoustics of us guitar players?

    This is a discussion I would like to see to be honest.Indeed this is the "last question mark" for me ie Tube rigs and the kpa.

  • Interesting. I had to skip close to the end after the 1st guitarist. Just way too long of a video I think.

    One mistake was to present the rolled up numbers that haphazardly. The "feel" was just as much of a difference (at least for the first dude) as the sound. Also, seeing the points for high gain vs cleans would have been interesting.

    Another mistake was not to test the recorded (streamed) volume between the two rigs. First the Kemper was way louder, then the Helix. The parts I watched they were not even close to the same volume (as also proven by the fact, that the live chat people were complaining non-stop ;))

    They should have listed the profiles and the Helix patches(?) in detail in the description of the video.

    And the last nitpick I promise is that just summing up 1-10 scale points never works quite so well. 10 over 9 is a huge difference (as in, this was perfect for me) and most people never give 1-3 scores anyway just because they are polite. Make the points like F1 does and the spread will be more pronounced.

    I give A+ for effort though, overall very informative video.