Option to Change RM Local Library Storage Location on Mac

  • I currently use both a desktop and laptop Mac to manage my Kempers, Desktop at home and Laptop when on the go.

    I'd hoped to be able to change the save location for the Local Library storage - since Kemper profiles are such small files, seems like they'd be a perfect candidate for cloud storage, or at least a local folder that's sync'd to a cloud solution so that users with more than one computer can keep the libraries on both computers sync'd.

    As a Mac user, being able to sync my local library to iCloud would make it really easy to keep the libraries on multiple computers in sync. Add new amp profiles/sounds/performances to, say, one's desktop computer, have them automatically available on all their computers.

    To take it a step farther, the ability to work with Kempers via mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android device, etc) with RM content sync'd in the cloud would be even more helpful!