Stage - restored a backup of my lunchbox to my stage

  • Hi,

    Sorry if this is dumb question. But, I have been using the Lunchbox for 4 years and love it.

    I recently bought a stage version.

    I backed up the lunchbox to USB. Took the USB, put it in the new stage.

    Did a restore.

    Everything seemed to go as expected.

    System (stage) came up with same presets as the lunchbox and same performances.

    But no sound on monitor output. All of the lights (in and out) blinking. I went into “output” and saw monitor volume send set to “off”.

    I turned it to Master mono. Then it greyed out. And has been greyed out since.

    The master volume control still works for it, but no volume indicator in output section. The headphones out is linked to monitor and it works correctly.

    Any way, it seems to work fine, but the “output” section for the monitor , is still greyed out and no meter shows when I turn it up or down.

    Any thoughts here???



  • Hi JoeR,

    what exactly is grayed out ? SEND1 Volume is grayed when this Output is mapped to "Git" - and with your setup the "Monitor Volume" is grayed ?

    There is no Output Setting with Monitor Source that grayes out Volume - maybe a picture/photo would help.

  • Generally, there are two different output source settings for the Monitor Output. One gets referred to, if the Monitor Output is used in mono (Monitor Stereo not activated), which is the default for classical models and not available for Stage models as their Monitor Output is stereo by definition). Another is referred to, if the Monitor Output is used in stereo (Monitor Stereo activated), which is the only choice at the Stage.

    Use latest OS revisions and check the Output Source of the Monitor Output.