How to hook tube amp into Kemper for FX but still run rigs

  • I had a tube amp hooked into my Kemper before I swear with the four cable method. The amp blew and was under warranty so I sent it back and finally got the new one. I hooked it all back up using the loop and FX loop slot but on my regular rigs which I do not want the tube amp involved in it was still active on them.

    Not sure what I did different or am forgetting that would cause the amp to come through my Kemper rigs which do not have the loop in the fx chain?


  • Well I tried that before and it depends on what kind of FX loop it is.

    Here are the instructions to use 4 CM with a Kemper:

    Guitar -> Kemper Input

    Amp send ->Return Kemper

    Amp Return -> Main Output (L or R) Kemper

    Amp Input -> Send Kemper

    Disable Stack & add a mono loop to the X block in your Kemper's effects chain.

    And this should work without blowing you amplifier :)

  • Thanks for the help. Maybe I was not using the mono loop. The cables are how how ran them though. The amp was live in my rigs, I will try again and make sure it is the mono loop but I was using a loop in the X slot without the amp stack. My rigs had no loop slot.