Question about using a Mission Engineering EP1-KP and a Dunlop Volume X with the Kemper

  • Hi everyone.

    Can anybody help me on how to configure the Kemper for using these two pedals to control the following:

    EP1-KP - I wish to control the wha and the pitch with this pedal

    Volume X - I wish to control the volume and the morphing with this one

    I couldn't find a combination to make this work. Can anybody help me with this?


    Miguel Barrosa

  • For the Mission set the pedal type to Wah in system menu. Then tick the Wah>Pitch box. The pedal will now control either wah or pitch depending on which one is active in the rig. If both are active it will control both at the same time. I normally also set the toe switch on the mission to toggle on/off the slot that I have my wah in (Stomp B in my case though others often use A). You need a TRS cable to connect the pedal and a second TS cable to connect the toe switch.

    Morph and Volume can’t be shared on the same pedal. You could either add volume to the wah or control the volume as a morph parameter.

  • Hello Alan, thanks for your help. You pretty much describe what I found out, the the volume and morphing can’t share the same pedal. I think this is a shame, I bought the Dunlop Volume X specifically for this purpose, because the travel is much better for volume and morphing than the Mission pedal. I understand that no one does wha and volume at the same time but I really think that I should be able to use the same pedal for volume and morphing. I guess the problem is that these settings are global. It’s a pity you can’t override the global setting on a per rig/slot basis.