Oh my lord, my ears and fingers are bleeding

  • Been working for ages to try and get on top of this feast of amazing sounds we have from the launch set, and then some of you very special people keep posting more and more amazing profiles. I've made it my mission this weekend to finally get this whole thing in some sort of order, i've been very ruthless in trying to get to a set that is more modest, and tweaked a load to my taste (not everyones i'm sure) and present to you my humble collection (so far), theres 19 new ones come in overnight. This machine is amazing but I want to get back to playing guitar, not auditioning sounds, so this is the bedrock of my stuff, and I have not listened to them all back to back, my ears are too tired (is there such a thing?), so apologies for some tonal repetition, but i've tried to cover all bases

    Couple of things to note.

    I use a Duet and have it set at the pro input level -4, which means all the volumes of these rigs are set to play for that, if they're too loud, i'm sure you can adjust the master volume and lock it for when you go through them

    I have created a nominal 4 stage system - 1 being clean - 4 being mayhem, and attempted to get them in the right place so i can compare them in their groups, rather than between models, if you see what i mean. This has been done as I go along so i am sure there'll be some that are not quite right, but its a start

    have fun, i hope some of them are enjoyed by some of you


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  • i agree, i don't subscribe to many, but this kemper is my dream product, so the forum and the rig exchange has been amazing, the generosity of people in doing all this work, humbling

    I agree and it all seems to be getting better all the time. Maybe we should give a KPA to everyone and there will be world peace.


    Mats N

  • nice job!