Spirit in the Sky

  • Hi,

    Has anybody managed to build a profile to replicate the “farty” fuzz sound on Norman Greenbaum’s classic Spirit in the Sky?

    It has been rumoured previously that he had some sort of home-made fuzz circuit built directly into his guitar I understand it’s not a branded pedal that gave the really weird distortion.

    Any clues would be much appreciated!!

  • See if you can get some hard farts out of this.

    Bit Shaper

    The Bit Shaper continuously reduces the bit depth of a signal, with higher “Drive” settings resulting in fewer available bits. The effect can be described as introducing a fizzy distortion, with a choking of the signal at high settings. The signal can even break off completely at the most extreme settings.

    “Peak” controls the shape of the digital steps, which affects the high-end content of the signal.8)