Rig manager drag and drop not working

  • Ever since recent updates I've not been able to drag and drop performances on my Stage using Rig Manager. I can copy and paste a performance. But I can't move it from one spot to the next. Anyone else having this problem?

  • I am trying to organize one performance per song for the cover bands that I am in, I am finding that if I want to change the order by dropping and dragging it actually swaps the rigs instead of dropping it in front or after my target rig. Since we mix the set list up from gig to gig it makes it hard to move them around. Since I am new to Kemper I am not sure if has always been that way or if a recent update changed it? I found that I can move the performances up or down one performance at a time but that is a little time consuming if I have to move several of them.

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