Pedal Pitch stomp issue - stopped sweeping and is now just jumping the octave

  • Hi all,

    I had the pedal pitch effect assigned to the Rig 1 button on my Kemper, so when i pressed down on the button the note sweeps up an octave over time, and when i let go of the button it sweeps back down an octave. Kind of like an auto whammy effect. For some reason now when i press on the button the note just instantly jumps an octave, and same with when i let go (jumps down an octave). Does anyone know how i can fix this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Both Rise Time and Fall Time of Morphing can be set individually in Rig Settings. Both time values can be set from zero (for an instantaneous morph switching) to 64 seconds. When you enable the Tempo for this Rig by tapping the TAP button or choosing a specific tempo, the Morphing time will be displayed in specific note values and sync to the current tempo. A neat application of this might be to set the Rise Time to, say, four bars. Now, just hit the Rig Button four bars before your solo starts and enjoy a nice, leisurely stroll to the front of stage while the PROFILER slowly morphs your rhythm sound into a boosted solo sound in the background. The two LEDs will continuously brighten and dim to reflect the rate of the change in sound.

  • Hey thanks for response! Unfortunately I have Rise time set to "1/16trip" and Fall Time to "1/16dot (_) 1/8trip" and nothing's changing. I also tried moving these times around with no luck. Could anything else be causing this?

  • Were you previously using time values instead of note values?

    Since you are using note values, what is the Tempo setting? At 60bpm, a quarter note is only one second. A straight 1/16th note is only 125 milliseconds. My guess is that the short note values explain the fast pitch changes.

    Have you possibly changed the Rig Tempo? Or, if this is a Performance Slot, did you change the Performance Tempo?

    How long did it previously take for the Morph to sweep?

  • When I change the Rig / Performance Tempo or the rise/fall time im still hearing an immediate jump up or down. Previously it took about half a second to rise or fall. I did just update the software to the latest software, not sure if this could play into it.