Putting Kemper Kone in FRFR

  • Hello all, I’m a new (unpowered head) Kemper user. I had originally bought the Kemper for silent recording but am now entertaining the prospect of replacing the tube amp.

    “Amp in the room” feeling is a must though.

    My idea is to buy an frfr now (which probably won’t entirely satisfy me, but will work), and when the Kemper Kone comes out, throw that in there. Is this realistic? Would they be compatible?

    Since I found out about the kone I’m wishing I’d saved up for the powered head... but I’m still going to try to put together a 2 piece solution.

    If Kemper is planning on releasing an active cab I may just wait for the release to amplify my Kemper sound, but only at a reasonable cost.


  • If you're on a budget, don't waste your money on temporary solutions you know you won't be happy with. If you don't already have them, buy some powered studio monitors. If you are at all serious about home recording, you should already have a pair. They can also double as your home FRFR solution.

    At the very least, wait until we hear what CK had to say during the recent Andertons video shoot.

  • Good points. Thoughts on the diy powered cab with a kone? This is what I’ve been envisioning.

    Anything said about the kone and how it would work in an FRFR cabinet would be pure speculation. We do know it's designed to go into a real guitar cabinet so, given that, I doubt it would work well in a PA or composite style housing. I chose a pine, open back 1x12 for mine...now i'm just waiting

  • Hey samgren, welcome here :)
    IME, an FRFR cab is more than just adding a cone to an envelope: the cabinet's size, proportions, internal shape, insulation etc affect the response and all the above must fit the loudspeaker's global response in order for the final result to be linear and transparent.
    In this respect, I'd strongly advise against swapping an active FRFR cab's transducer with anything else: they have carefully chosen components in order to flatten the cab's response.

    From what you wrote, I'd wait for an original Kabinet (but it will be passive at first, they said), or go for a GRFR kind of cab (such as an LG12 by Red Sound), which will be a great compromise (the punch of a guitar cabinet but more linearity, so you can keep the Cabinet section of your KPA on) and will more easily return the "amp in the room" you are after.

    HTH :)

  • On a budget for “amp in the room”...get a used combo with a decent powersection and effectsloop..stick the kpa in the return. Works great!

    Older l6 amps, fender mustang, have decent powersections, nobody wants those for good reason..so very cheap.

    Else..get a 1x12 cab and velcro a ss powersection to it.

    Else..get a 1x12 cab and add a camplifier to your kpa. (Retro fit ss amps)