Kemper Stage w/iPad Air

  • Hello all - I’ve been looking into the Kemper Stage and it seems like it might be a good fit for my needs. My only question is in that it looks like it currently doesn’t have a way to easily interface with iOS.

    At present time I don’t have a good option for a windows PC - I do have an old one (Windows 7 which would make a nice boat anchor) that I need to upgrade, however I just purchased a brand new iPad Air3.

    I know the Librarian option is out and there isn’t an editor - but could I still DL a profile from the rig exchange using the lighting to USB Adapter? If that will work it will buy me some time. I just haven’t needed a new PC as the one I use is work provided (which I don’t think they’ll like me loading the librarian software on!).

    Loving what I’m seeing (and hearing!) with the Kemper - can’t wait to get my hands on one!

    Thanks in advance,

  • I’ve switched over from win 7 to Mac and iPad. Works great. I use a focus rite 2i2

    but you might not even need an interface. Just go from h.p. Out on your iPad to the stereo

    inputs on the back of your Kemper.

    If you have the so called “ camera connector “ for your lightning jack, that will allow you

    to connect to the USB port on the Kemper.

    I’ve installed the new rig manager on my Mac. Works really good, better than it did on Win 7.

    Havnt bothered to try downloading it onto an iPad.

  • Thanks for the responses - I’m more inclined to try the iPad route w/USB Connector as the old Win 7 Laptop is pretty much toast. I might just trade it in at Best Buy and put it towards a cheap laptop if the other option doesn’t work.

    I’ve read a lot about the upcoming editor and that might be cool if it works with iOS, but I’m not really a tweaker. What draws me to the Kemper as it seems like it requires less tweaking (subjective) - I don’t need or use a ton of effects... just looking for a good raw amp tone with some color.

    Sweetwater might be getting my money pretty soon!

  • I resurrected a 2013 MacBook Pro. Free upgrade to latest version of Mojave.

    You could pick on of them up for dirt cheap. There are still advantages to a Mac

    vs iPad.

    There are tons of great amp profiles now that need no external pedals. Especially

    all the old tweed and b.f. Fenders.