Kemper and Two Notes Captor, No Mic AITR Profiles

  • What you need:

    • A stereo Cab
    • A Kemper
    • An Amp
    • A Power Amp
    • A Two Notes Captor

    If you have a stereo Cab (or two Cabs) you can make Profiles of your Amp and A/B your Kemper and Amp in real-time. You can get AITR A/B comparisons and do so at levels that won't make you go deaf.

    I've been doing this all morning and it's fantastic. Nice and easy to tweak the Kemper and hear it and the Amp through the same Cab. When you do the A/B between the Kemper and the Amp you will hear the Kemper on one side of the Cab and then the Amp on the other side of the cab.

    Connect everything as shown below and then create a Profile as you normally would with the Kemper.

    Diagram of how to connect all the pieces and parts: