So I met this quite famous guitarist....

  • Yeah, I was a pants slide player, took me sometime to get close.

    Blindman was a very special song for me. Sadly our singer passed away and it was one of his favourites.

    I have a memorial tattoo dedicated to him from the live version of aint no love with the words " sing it beautiful, sing it for me"....

    When he passed we got a condolence message from David via twitter, which was really cool.

    Great music.

  • Way cool! That is interesting about his Kemper endorsement, I wonder what he uses it for then, given that he probably records with real amps as well.

    Perhaps he uses it for silent practice before gigs or on the tour bus.

  • He has a Marshall endorsement, and he's promoting Yamaha's THR5 as a practice amp. There's youtube videos ( promoting his previous album) where he's playing through his Kemper at home. There's also fairly recent instagram photos where you can see a Roland micro cube and a Fender amp.

    I'd speculate that, as a gear nerd, the "kemper remote buttons being too close together" was just a polite excuse for not wanting to change the way he works: i.e. building and tinkering with new pedal board configurations for each tour.