7.0.9 Bug or Misunderstanding ?? :O

  • One issue I've discovered after updating to 7.0.9 is as following.

    I have a DIY dual footswitch connected to my KPA Stage, and assigned to Looper Start and Looper Stop functions.

    Since updating to 7.0.9, I now have to HOLD DOWN the Looper Start button as I until I finish recording my loop, and then lift up my foot to stop recording and start playback,
    rather than just stomping on start ..record my loop... press start again to finish my recording and start playback like in 7.0.8.

    To fix the issue I've 'identified' my switch as a Profiler Switch instead of Dual Switch in the PEDAL screen of the KPA Stage, and other than the pedals "switching spots"
    what once was A is now B and visa versa .. everything works fine.

    I'm not sure if this will have any effect on the rest of the uses of any external Dual Switches.

    Also, not sure if this is accidental or not as there IS a "stomp and hold" options AFTER you've recorded your loop to start playback and overdub.
    So yeah .. that's that.