OS 7.0.9 release now available for all PROFILER models together with Rig Manager 2.3.13 release

  • OS 7.0.9 is now available as release revision for all PROFILER models together with Rig Manager 2.3.13 release!

    7.0.9 comes with the following improvements:


    changed: improved timing of Tremolo

    User Interface

    fixed: Browser Mode asserting with MIDI program change > 127

    fixed: inconsistent background color when selecting effect category with TYPE pressed (Stage)

    fixed: MorphPedal >Wah with Bypass@Stop not working properly

    fixed: effect category and effect type assignment of TYPE knob not consistent across all effect modules

    fixed: Rig Tempo not always enabled/disabled correctly, if switching Slots fast in Performance Mode

    fixed: resets during startup not always functional (Stage)

    fixed: rate of expression pedal scanning too low (Stage)

    fixed: copy/paste of Stack Section not functional (Stack)

    fixed: migration of older Stomps and Effects Section presets during upgrade

    added: soft knobs 1, 2, 3 and 4 functional on Effects Selection Page

    changed: enhanced Ground Lift page (Stage)

    changed: second hit of EDIT button opens Effect Selection Page (Stage)

    changed: scanning of foot buttons improved further (Stage)